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The Fund

The Premier Investment Opportunities Fund Protected Cell Company plc (the “Fund”) is an open ended investment company incorporated in the Isle of Man designed for Qualifying Investors as defined in the Scheme Particulars of the Fund. The Fund has three sub-funds (together the “Investment Funds”):

  • The New Earth Solutions Recycling Facilities Sterling Investment Sub-Fund priced in sterling;
  • The New Earth Solutions Recycling Facilities Dollar Investment Sub-Fund priced in US dollars; and
  • The New Earth Solutions Recycling Facilities Euro Investment Sub-Fund priced in Euros.

Investment Objective

Each of the Investment Sub-Funds aims to provide long term growth by investing directly or indirectly in Recycling Facilities in the United Kingdom and in the development of such facilities, Recycling Facilities being defined for this purpose as industrial facilities for the processing and treatment of waste, including the recycling of waste, the treatment of waste, the preparation of waste for use in waste to energy and the conversion of waste to energy by any means.

Why the Waste and Waste to Energy Sectors?

The waste treatment industry is faced with the challenge of achieving escalating and demanding recycling and landfill diversion targets. At the same time, the energy industry is required to achieve challenging targets for the recovery of energy from renewable sources including waste. Waste and energy are therefore two of the key issues facing both the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom and strong policy and economic drivers exist in the United Kingdom in the waste treatment sector. This has created the incentive for the development of a new waste and energy infrastructure and this in turn creates commercial opportunities for established operators in the waste treatment sector, such as the New Earth Group, and attractive investment opportunities in waste treatment and renewable energy.

New Earth Group:

New Earth Solutions Group Limited is an established UK provider of waste treatment facilities and is developing complimentary operations in the renewable energy sector. Waste treatment services are provided by New Earth Solutions Facilities Management Limited (New Earth Solutions), whilst New Earth Energy Facilities Management Limited (New Earth Energy) focuses on projects to recover low-carbon renewable energy from waste-derived fuels. Both of these sectors are dynamic, fast-growing and in need of substantial investment in infrastructure and services.